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100PCS Replacement Refill Nail Tips For Nail Training Practice Hand
Crazy Sale! Advanced Training Mannequin head will come with x2 pairs reusable eyelids( No chemical odor,real practice strip)
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Crazy Sale! Eyelash Extension LED Light Magnifying Spec Glasses

$39.99 $9.99

Eyelash Extension LED Light Magnifying Spec Glasses making eyelash application a breeze. Now you’ll be able to see all the little lashes that have been hiding from you, making the application easy and fast. The glasses have LED Adjustable Light with 2 Lamps
The angle of lens and light. Great Adjustable headband makes it a fit all item. Batteries and Lens Case Included. With an easy snap on/off magnifying lenses, you can choose how close you want to see. Easy on/off switch makes operation easy and makes the battery life longer.

Wholesale Price: $8.99 (Min. 3) Click here 

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