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VIP Prime Plan(2022)
50pcs/lot Soft Head Eyelash Brush
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We’ll send you Eyelash Extensions and Adhesive/Glue Free Samples


Try eyelash extensions and Adhesive/Glue from The GAlash® Lashes for FREE. We’ll send you TWO FREE samples, in exchange for your feedback. ONLY PAY FOR DELIVERY CHARGE US$24.90. The GAlash® Lashes surpasses current industry standards.

Our GAlash® Lashes factory can do wholesale eyelash extensions and Adhesive/Glue for lash distributors, lash extensions LLC., lash beauty studio, lash training studio, eyelash extensions salon, etc. We desire you feel reliable the products you have purchased from our firm.

Delivery time: Takes approximately 5 -7 business days

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