Crazy Sale! Salon Professional Cashmere 0.07 Thickness LC Curl 8-15Mixed Lengths Tray(12 Lines)
December 8, 2019
New Technology! Perfect Salon “Jagged-Root” Classic Silk 0.07 Thickness (16 Lines)
December 23, 2019
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Bottom Lash Extensions 5-6-7MM Mixed Lengths Tray(16 Lines)

$18.99 $7.49

The galash® bottom lashes are generally thinner and shorter than upper lashes, and so are their extensions. The extra definition and length offered by bottom lashes can help open up a person’s eyes, making them seem even larger and more dramatic without looking “fake”.

Lower lashes aren’t necessarily the first thing that spring to mind when someone wants to glam up their eyes. Yet adding bottom lash extensions can be just what your client needs to add that special extra oomph to their everyday look!

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