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Crazy Sale! 20D Russian Pre-made Mega Volume Fans .05 D Curl (240 Fans) NOTE:Tape Blackening
Wholesale Perfect 10D Russian Pre-made Mega Volume Fans 0.07 (240 Fans)
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Crazy Sale! 21-24MM Length Mega Voiume Eyelash Extensions (16 Lines)


The galash® 21-24MM Length Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions is a new luxury line. Our Eyelash Extension comes in a variety of thicknesses, curls, and length and provides a rich and full effect. Galash Eyelash Extensions are of pure black color and do not have a blue undertone. These feather-light eyelash extensions also create a fuller effect faster as they are a little thicker on tips. Galash Eyelash Extension holds the curl throughout the wear, therefore, you can be sure of impeccable results for the weeks to come. Made of premium silk, these eyelash extensions are comfortable to wear, they do not cause irritation or allergies.

21-24mm Mix Tray Lengths (16 Lines)

21mm (4 row), 22mm (4 rows), 23mm (4 rows), 24mm (4 rows)

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