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Wholesale 100pcs/lot Bottled Soft Head Eyelash Brush
Wholesale Makeup Brush Vegan 100% Synthetic Hair Brush for Women Foundation Brush(Gold)
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Velvet Lash Pillow


– beautifully made, velvet finish the extra comfy pillow
– the foam inside has even been tailored to not retain moisture, so will not affect the behavior of your glues
– made from memory foam to provide ample comfort and support
– has been specially made with an ergonomic design for the best neck support
– gently sloping sides so that when the weight of a client’s head is applied, the pillow will all be on one level, helping you to avoid anything rolling towards them during the eyelash extensions procedure
– the Velvet cover will add even more comfort, feel the extra touch of luxury for the client and your workspace alike!

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