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Wholesale Eyelash Extensions Adhesive Remover 10g (Min.3)
Wholesale 12D Pre-made Russian Volume Fans 0.05MM (12 Lines)
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Ultra-Light Mega Cashmere Volume Mink Eyelash Extensions (16 Lines)

$17.90 $7.90

The galash® Cashmere Lashes are perfectly soft and very light. The extremely black finish allows creating deep black Mega Volume set faster. this lash thickness allows to build “10D-15Dfans” perfectly sized, and non-sticking – this makes it easy to build beautiful spreading fans quickly.
This Lash is very thin and will be best for advanced technicians. The application may require a gentle hand. Please note that curls with Cashmere lashes are softer and more natural-looking.

Wholesale Price: US$6.90(Min. 5 Trays)Click Here

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