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Smart AUTO Easy Fan Volume 0.05 8-15MM Mixed Lengths Tray (16 Lines)

The galash® Lahses Smart Easy Fan Fast-fanning: Can create V lashes and Easy Fan volume lashes with 1 tray only by different clip methods. No shrinking fans, no residue glue, no fall apart; Completely AUTO Fan

Easy to Use: Clamp the middle part of lashes with volume tweezers and gently lift them straight up,

Easy Fan volume lashes: Hold the bottom of lashes with tweezers and gently lift them towards your body, Novice operation, ordinary tweezers can be clamped, quickly and automatically a fan

Material: Made of Korean silk. 100% handmade, soft, natural, matte black, lightweight, Knot free, waterproof, and stable curl, no-harmless to human skins or eyes.

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