Handheld Cartoon Mni Fan For Eyelash Extension
Fiber Tip 90°-deg Light Peach Coated Tweezers for Professional Eyelash Extensions
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1 Roll of The Sensitive Silicone Gel Lash Tape


The ultimate Sensitive Lash Tape to be used for your clients to keep lashes clean and neat during appointments, necessary for every lash tech, the end all be all of the under-eye tapes, gentle and soft when being removed
Extra comfortable for your clients – particularly those with sensitive or reactive skin
Size- 2.5cm x 3.6m(0.52″*1.5″), 1.5cm x 3.6m(1.1″*1.5″)

Wholesale Price: US$2.50-$4.50(Min. 4 )Click Here

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