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New Technology! Perfect Salon “Jagged-Root” Classic Silk 0.07 Thickness (16 Lines)
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Salon Professional Cashmere Mink M Curl 0.07 Thickness 8-15MM Mixed Lengths Tray(12 Lines)

$17.99 $6.99

The galash® Cashmere 0.07 mink lashes are made of the highest quality Korean PBT material. Soft texture with deep black glossy finish create a rich and shiny, yet natural look.

Precisely chosen tape under the lashes makes it easy to remove lash from the strip and fan comfortably on-strip. Advanced untearable lashcard peels from lash tile easily without leaving sticky paper or residue behind. Convenient length indicators on each lash line provide speedy, hassle-free lashing process.

All our lashes are handmade by most experienced lash makers in the industry and undergo strict quality control.

The galash® Cashmere 0.07 lashes are perfect for making 2D-6D volume fans.

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