Clear Jelly Adhesive for Eyelash Extension 5ml (1 SEC Dry)
50Pcs Microblading Permanent Makeup Disposable Face Shields for Eye Eyelid Surgery Aftercare
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Clear Jelly Adhesive for Eyelash Extension 5ml/0.17oz (1 SEC Dry)


Clear Jelly Adhesive for Eyelash Extension is our Brave and POWERFUL CLEAR adhesive has a quick drying time of 1 second. She is amazing for those sensitive clients and has an outstanding bond for a long-lasting retention.

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How she works :

ANY glue will dry faster when it’s MORE humid rather than dry. Ideal humidity 40-60%, if you notice that the glue is not drying quick enough use a humidifier, for best results turn on your humidifier 2 hours prior to lashing. The ideal temperature is 70-74 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep in mind – the lower the temp is, the dryer the air is. The higher the humidity the faster the dry time the lower humidity the slower the dry time.

Viscosity: Thin but not watery
Color: clear

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