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Nail Training Practice Hand x 100 PCS Replacement Fake Nails

$49.90 $19.90

Note:1. If you need an extra Nail Tip, pls order it from our Website. If you order it from another place. It may don’t fit the Practice Hand. 2. Now we have solved the Problem ” nails don’t stay clipped into the fingers”, Please feel free to order it. This model hand is made of sturdy, flexible ABS, and its size is the simulation of the human hand. High-quality flexible model hand for nail art practice Can be used for acrylic, gel, and wrap practice, and for nail art designing. Easy to adjust the fingers’ shape to meet your needs. It can be re-use, great for nail art practicing. The hand can be detachable with the hand finger replacement refill nail tips.
1 bag (about 100PCS) professional fake nails for FREE. False nail tips can be inserted into the fingers tightly, then you can design and paint nail art patterns on them

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