8D Short Stem Pre-made Volume Fans (12 Lines)
October 25, 2019
9D Pre-made Russian Volume Fans 0.05MM 8-15MM Mixed Lengths Tray (12 Lines)
October 26, 2019
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Luxury Cashmere Fast-fanning Volume Mink 8-18MM Mixed Lengths Tray (16 Lines)

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The galash® luxury camellia self fanning lashes have been arranged in a very specific way on the strip that when picked up with a tweezer, they immediately make a fan.

Fast-fanning Volume Eyelash Extension is specially designed for lash technicians that are NEW to volume by hand technique. The unique sticky lash strip has glue on base, will prevent the volume fans from separating at the base, allowing you to create the perfect fan within seconds. Each row comes on a sticker that can be put on your work area so you can work efficiently, and more quickly.

Our Luxury Cashmere Fast-fanning Volume Mink is made of non sticky fiber to build nicely open fans.

Wholesale Price: US$6.99(Min. 10 Trays)Click Here

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