Superbonder For Lash Extensions 10ml/0.35oz
Wholesale 50Pcs/pack Butterfly Shaped Bio Gel Foam Eye Pads (Pink packaging)
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3D Brows Styling Soap Transparent Long Lasting Natural Eyebrow Soap (20g/0.7oz)


Three-dimensional eyebrow: The 3D eyebrow soap has a uniform texture, which can create 3D natural and perfect eyebrows. Make your makeup more beautiful.
90-degree spiral eyebrow brush: eyebrow soap is equipped with a 90-degree spiral eyebrow brush, which can shape your eyebrows at any time. Designed for eyebrow soap, easy eyebrow combing.
Easy to use: Dip the angled brush into the brow oil, choose the right amount of brow oil according to your own eyebrows, then use the eyebrow brush to outline and fill the area in the eyebrows, and then slowly use the eyebrow brush to slowly level the eyebrows.
Long-lasting moisturizing: Using our eyebrow soap, we can achieve the desired effect, which can make our eyebrows last in shape and get rid of the problem of sparse eyebrows. Looks more confident.
Naturally thick: When our eyebrow soap brushes the eyebrows, it can increase the thickness, moisturize our eyebrows, and promote the growth of eyebrows.