Wholesale 0.5S Aurora Adhesive for Eyelash Extension 5ml (Min. 3)
January 16, 2020
Luxury Camellia Easy Fast-fanning Volume 0.03mm 8-15MM Mixed Lengths Tray (16 Lines)
January 19, 2020
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Black Pearl Salon Professional Classic Lashes 8-15MM Mixed Lengths Tray (16 Lines)

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The galash® Black Pearl salon rofessional classic lashes uses the highest quality faux mink lashes. This lashes are of deep black color. Each row is quadruple checked for quality purposes to ensure you are receiving only the best with each order.
Our Eyelash Extension comes in variety of thicknesses, curls and length and provide a rich and full effect. Their deep black laser matte finish ensures full, dark mega volume lash sets. Improved curl consistency and stability. These feather light eyelash extensions also create a fuller effect faster as they are a little thicker on tips.

Wholesale Price: US$6.99(Min. 5 Trays)Click Here

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