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Tweezers for Volume Lashes Professional Precision Stainless Steel Curved Angled Tips+Tweezer Case
Wholesale Portable Mini Bladeless Leafless USB Fan for Eyelash Extensions(Min. 3)
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200pc/Pack Eyelash Extension Glue Cleaning Tablets Adhesive Removing Pads Wipes


Eyelash Extension Adhesive Wipes, “Clean AF” will clean your adhesive nozzle tip without the need for any additional cleaning supplies or solutions. Use “Clean AF” between each use of adhesive to prevent the cap from sticking to the nozzle. The wipes will not stick to the bottle or leave any residues behind. They are also perfect for cleaning tweezers, jade lash palettes, or any other surface with adhesive remover.

Product Highlights:
Cotton, lint-free wipes.
Each pack contains 170 wipes.