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SQUEAKY CLEAN Lash Baths Lash Training | Lash Artist | Eyelash Extension Tutorial Video
Yesss! I do this with the pullback/up method towards the eyebrows to see the lashes better. That way the tape doesn’t get stuck to the eyebrows.
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How to remove outgrown lashes? (Lash Training | Lash Artist | Eyelash Extension Tutorial Video)

I don’t know about y’all, but it’s like every lash artist had to learn on their own how to do a removal or remove outgrown lashes. Am I right? Well at least the classic course I took never covered it. I actually thought every set was suppose to be a new set. Until these amazing removal videos popped up on IG and I was like 🤯 then I got on my shit and made sure to tell clients to come back every 2-4 weeks… I was telling them

Repost @glowartistrystudio ❤️ Thank you for providing this amazing work.