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Full Wispy Hybrid Tutorial (Lash Training | Lash Artist | Eyelash Extension Tutorial Video)
Mapping for Wispy Eyelash set FOR LASH TECH BEGINNERS | GAlash.com
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How to Remove 25mm lashes?(Lash Training | Lash Artist | Eyelash Extension Tutorial Video)

Removing 25mm lashes 😳…. so umm… if you notice her natural lashes are very tiny.. I don’t talk a lot about lengths because it sparks lots of controversy. But lashes like these have no Buisness wearing anything longer than a 13mm… to me. This is my opinion… 👀 how do you feel about the new long length trend? To be very honest I have saved lots of lashes and forced people into lash rehab because lengths like these have broken lots of girls lashes. I have yet to see someone with good healthy lashes wearing 25mm… but AGAIN this is MY opinion ✨
Ps her lashes were so damaged I felt so bad … 🥺
Repost @fabulash.artistry ❤️ Thank you for providing this amazing work.