Flat/Ellipse Lashes | Why Should I be Using Them?

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May 10, 2019
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Flat/Ellipse Lashes | Why Should I be Using Them?

You’ve probably heard of flat lashes, also known as ellipse or cashmere lashes. Ellipse means oval and is indicative of the shape that the base of the lash extension possesses. Instead of having a round, circle base, like a normal classic clash, ellipse lashes have a flatter, oval base. This flatter base has many advantages that we will go through in this blog.

The unique shape of the ellipse lashes (elliptical, flat, eclipse) allows for a more dramatic lash look. Ellipse eyelash extensions are easier to apply than your everyday faux mink lashes. These extensions stay longer on the natural eyelash due to their lighter weight and ability to better bond to the natural eyelash.

 Ellipse eyelash extensions are the perfect solution for attaining the appearance of a thicker and fuller set of lashes without actually adding the weight. Which makes them perfect for clients who are looking for thicker lashes, but lack the natural lash strength to support heavier lashes.

 Our Ellipse lashes come in Matte and Glossy finishes in both C Curl and D curl. We offer 0.15, 0.20, and 0.25 in both single length trays and mixed length trays.


A common problem lash artists face can be lash clients with short and/or thin lashes voicing the desire for thick, bold, and dramatic lash lines. Their natural lashes simply can’t hold the look they are going for with classic lash techniques alone. Since natural lash health is a number one priority for lash artist professionals, this is where Ellipse lashes come to play. Due to the shape of flat lash extensions, they have the width of a .20 lash extension without adding any extra weight. The added width will create darkness in the lash line that normal classic lashes can’t do on their own.

Another great benefit these flat lash extensions bring is texture. As an artist, you can play with the design of your sets using Ellipse lash extensions. Sprinkle some longer ones into a classic set to add depth. Sprinkle them into a volume set to break up the fluff with a little definition. 

As lash artists, we know that it’s all about the base when it comes to retention. If the base of the extension isn’t properly adhered to the natural lash, the extension will most likely pop off in a few days, if not a few hours. The wider base of Ellipse lashes makes sure that you get a good bond to the natural lash because there is more surface area for the extension to properly come together with a client’s lashes. Many artists have reported an increase in retention when using flat lashes and this flatter base is most likely why.


Since the shape of the base is thin on the sides and thicker on the top or bottom, it will adhere to the natural lash best if placed on the top or the bottom of the natural lash. If placed on the side, the point of adhesion may not be strong enough to hold the extension in place without twisting the natural lash.

With Ellipse lashes and having a wider base, it’s easy to lose control of how much lash adhesive gets picked up. If you dip and withdraw too quickly, you’ll end up with stuck together lashes and slow drying lash adhesive. The best way to dip lash extensions in glue is by inserting into the middle of the adhesive dot, just 1-2mm, then slowly withdraw the extension. The slower you come out of the adhesive, the less adhesive will be picked up onto the lash. If your humidity is higher you may have to play around with how much you are using to ensure you are grabbing enough.

Many artists don’t know this, but Ellipse or flat lashes are not meant to be used for full sets. Full sets of flat lashes often have a plasticky looking finish. This is mostly due to manufacturing, many styles of flat lashes have a glossy finish, and since there is more surface area on the lash, the light will be more reflective off the face of the lashes. If a client is wanting people to think they just have great natural lashes, this shiny finish will give it away quickly.

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